Thank You Chilliwack

Nov 18, 2014 by Sam Waddington in Uncategorized Leave a Comment

Wow Chilliwack! Thank you for the overwhelming support! I am very proud to have been elected as a Councilor to represent this community, and I am humbled by the groundswell of support that came out to the polls yesterday. I have been given the confidence of this community on promises and hope, and I now intend to truly earn the continued trust of each citizen of Chilliwack over the next four years as I do the very best job that I can to represent you all. The future for this community is so bright, and it is my aim to help us to realize all that is in store for us to build the best City possible.

Running a campaign over these last weeks has been an enlightening process. I have heard from so many of you as to what matters for your Chilliwack, both today and as we look to the future. I had the opportunity to walk through, and chat with people, in nearly every neighborhood in the City. I am honored to be a Chilliwack resident after the kindness that was shown to me, and the concern for the future of this great community, that many residents displayed. I intend for this to be the beginning of an ongoing consultation process with our community. Please join myself and the other incoming Councilors and the Mayor, as we shape this community going forward. We want to hear your concerns, we strive to have your input in the planning processes, and I honestly believe that this is the model for building a better Chilliwack.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been there for me. I have leaned on your wisdom, support and accountability over the past few months and I could not have found success yesterday without the love and care that and each and every one of you showed me. To those who knocked on doors, came to the meetings, pounded in signs or merely stopped to fix one that had blown over, I am forever grateful.

This campaigning process has been both eye opening and challenging, however I will admit that I am glad for it to have concluded. I am very excited for the four years that lay ahead, and of all of the opportunities and challenges that being your City Councilor will hold.

Chilliwack I promise you this. Your trust in me will not be unfounded. The support that you showed for me yesterday will be on my mind in every decision that I make on your behalf.

Thank you Stewart McLean and Ken Huttema for the years of service that you have given to your community. Thank you to all of the candidates who ran for the various offices, as you ran your campaigns seeded from a love of your community and your desires to make it better. I truly appreciated that all of the campaigns were run positively and weighed based on the issues at hand and did not fall to personal attacks and petty arguments. I want to sincerely thank you all for keeping it classy, as that is precisely what Chilliwack deserves. I am excited to get to work with our reelected Mayor Sharon Gaetz, and with my fellow councilors Jason Lum, Ken Popove, Chuck Stam, Sue Attrill, and Chris Kloot.