Speaking with CSS & SSS Highschool Students

Oct 16, 2014 by Sam Waddington in The Campaign Trail Leave a Comment

This past week has been busy as the spotlight on the upcoming municipal elections begins to heighten. I am excited as today marks exactly one month until election day where Chilliwack will vote on who will help to guide our City , School Board, and Cultus Lake Parks Board for the next 4 years!

I am never to busy however to get my hands dirty and help out Chilliwack’s next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs! I love the days when the high school teaching staff email or phone me to sus out my interest in speaking with their classes about entrepreneurship, leadership or eco tourism. This week held two of those emails and i am elated that both dates fit nicely into the busy weeks ahead.

Next week on Monday i will have the chance to talk with the Eco Tourism program run by Jen Bos at Sardis Secondary School. Jen is a shining example of the future teaching style in the district that features out-of-the-box thinking, paired with specific expertise and a healthy dose of passion. Jen has recently been selected by National Geographic to partake in a fully paid trip to Antarctica and she is excited to bring that experience back to the classroom to inspire her students. I will be speaking on the topic of Chilliwack’s shifting economy and the boundless opportunity that awaits us in the adventure and eco tourism sector in Chilliwack and the surrounding areas.

The week following i will be heading back to my old tromping grounds at Chilliwack Senior Secondary to speak to the Entrepreneurship class. They are hosting a mock Dragon’s Den and i will be joined by Councilor Jason LumĀ  and CEPCO president Brian Coombes as one of the “Dragons” assessing and giving guidance on the students business ideas that they bring forward.

The long and short of it is that i feel privileged to be able to be a part of Chilliwack’s bright future!