Chilliwack is growing, and with that growth we are seeing an increase in pressure on our public transit system.

As our community expands and shifts, our transit system must keep up with this change to ensure that this vital lifeblood of transportation is available for the citizens of Chilliwack. Our transit must be comprehensive, reliable and affordable if we hope to become the kind of city where people can live in an urban setting and not rely on a personal vehicle to commute.

We need to continue to build upon our inter-municipal transit connections to tie Chilliwack into the communities further down the Fraser Valley, allowing a green alternative to driving and a more accessible regional economy.


Chilliwack is experiencing rapid growth in population, and in line with that growth comes an increase in the development of new residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As we manage this growth it will be paramount to ensure that we are continuing to focus on building a progressive and well planned city.

If we protect the Agricultural Land Reserve and focus our growth on in-fill density and further urbanization, we will not only protect our vital agricultural lands, but also create a catalyst for the redevelopment of the downtown core. As density increases it is far more efficient for a City to provide services, and thus our tax dollars will be able to go much farther, allowing for a reduction in tax increases, while still maintaining a high service standard.


A transparent City Hall makes for a healthy community that works collaboratively together to create a better future for all of its residents. Chilliwack City Hall could do better to interact with the citizens of this community to ensure that the direction that the city is going is inline with the priorities of the people of Chilliwack.

When the community is engaged in the decision making processes, that craft the places where we live and work and play, we ultimately end up with a far better result in the city that we all call home. We must work to reinvigorate this sense of inclusive decision making, and accountability to welcome the community back into their city hall.


Chilliwack and her surrounds are truly home to some of the best, and most diverse, back country lands in our region. We have everything here, from lakes and rivers, to mountains and forests, and because of this terrain nearly every outdoor sport and activity are possible here.

We have an opportunity to build a tourism industry here that reflects our position in the Fraser Valley as the best place to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. If we capitalize on this opportunity there are vast economic benefits that await us in this sector, and tourism could feasibly become a cornerstone to Chilliwack’s economy in the years to come.