Native/Non-Native Reconciliation

Nov 6, 2014 by Sam Waddington in The Campaign Trail Leave a Comment

A gentleman, Larry Commodore asked me to answer this question.

“As a step towards native/non-native reconciliation, the City of Vancouver unanimously passed a resolution acknowledging that the city is on unceded aboriginal territory. Are you in favour of a similar resolution for the City of Chilliwack?”

Here was my response to him.

This is certainly a groundbreaking acknowledgment, and one that i believe that the City of Chilliwack should adopt as well. There is no denying the facts that much of what is now the City of Chilliwack, rests on the traditional lands of the Stolo Nation. I believe that the City of Chilliwack must open a new chapter of collaboration and cooperation with the various First Nations peoples whose lands lay in and around this municipality. The first step towards better and more progressive Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal relations is to officially recognize that these lands are their traditional territory and they remain so.