As you are most likely aware, a Special Meeting of Council was held on September 20th and a decision was made to refer questions about my expenses for an independent review. I truly wish that I could speak openly about all of these matters, however the investigation underway makes that impossible. I assure you that a complete picture of all of the work that I was doing outside of our City over the last four years will be released as soon as we are able to. I will be complying with any of the recommendations that result from the audit, and I am committed to changing any of my reporting methods to provide an elevated level of transparency.

I sincerely regret that this topic has been such a large distraction from the issues in our City, however it helps to highlight the gap between the focus of our politics, and the magnitude of our challenges. As I move forward in my bid for mayor, my aim is to continue connecting with voters on the issues that are most important to them. My intention to run was informed by the changes that our community faces, and the real challenges that the changes create. My platform sought to bring voice to a new vision for Chilliwack, and I am committed to speaking to those ideas and seeing them through to implementation once we are elected into office.

We are only 24 days away from the election and now is the time to Stand Up for the community that you want to see, to Stand With Me in saying that good enough is not good enough anymore, and to believe that real change in our City is less than a month away from becoming a reality.

I am putting out a challenge to anyone who wishes to hear from me or ask me questions to get 10 of your friends together and host a get-together and I will be there! So if you have not had the chance to meet me, now is that opportunity, in your living room, back yard, coffee shop or brewery of choice; I will make myself available to you. Lets talk about those big ideas that you have, the challenges in our housing policies, crime rates, the environment, garbage collection, transit, or anything else on your mind. I look forward to the many conversations to come!

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