Hello friends and supporters,
On June 27th, 114 days ago, I announced my candidacy for your consideration in the election to come. From the steps of our historic city hall, I spoke about the past we have shared, the future we can build, and the unique moment we find ourselves in. It was a celebratory occasion, and one I’m proud to have shared with so many.
At the conclusion of my announcement I was asked two questions and, one of feels ominous in retrospect. Perhaps meant in good humour, the questions was simply ‘Do you like bloodsport’ referring to the combative and divisive nature civic politics can take on. At the time I addressed it speaking to a desire for an elevated dialogue of values, ideas, direction and shared ambition.
Despite the divisive and at times combative tone that has followed, I am proud of the exchange of ideas that has taken place and of my contribution to this dialogue. The simple idea that our city can deliver more by working proactively to meet the needs of its citizens has resonated with so many in our community and it has been a pleasure to champion this principle.
Tomorrow, I hope you’ll go to polls and make sure your voice is heard when the votes are tallied up. We have an inspiring number of candidates in Chilliwack and I’d like to thank each of them for their willingness to step forward with the aim to serve our community.

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