Disagreeing Respectfully, and the Necessity of Positivity

Oct 16, 2014 by Sam Waddington in The Campaign Trail Leave a Comment

Tis the season for insult slinging, rumor spreading, and political attack strategies.

I suggest a different way of doing things…. and i will tell you why. I am not the largest advocate of social media political campaigning at the best of times, however lately my stance has been even further solidified as i watch the vitriol spread across the municipal election field in Chilliwack. People are slandering one another and doing everything within their capacity to dig up some piece of defaming dirt on the people that they are viewing asĀ  competitors for their much-coveted council, or mayoral seat.

I would ask that we view things in a different way. What happens when one or two of the people that you have vehemently tore down for the last month during the election campaign are sitting across from you in council chambers and are now, by virtue of necessity, your colleagues in progressing this city? I do not believe this bodes well for the very fabric of the democratic process that is equally at play AFTER the election takes place and decisions are being voted on by the six sitting Councilors and the Mayor on a bi-weekly basis. Finding consensus and earning the support of your fellow Councillors while trying to pass a piece of policy, or while voting on a contentious issue, is paramount.

Let us opt for a different tactic… or at least i will.

If you wonder why i am not jumping into the online fray at times, this is the reason. I believe that i will stand on my own merits. I believe that the dedication and involvement i have shown to the citizens of this city has earned me a position of respect for the body of work that i have accomplished, and been a part of. I hope to build ties with governmental counterparts at the provincial level, not out of partisan support, but rather out of the knowledge that good working relationships with other levels of government will only hold positive outcomes for the citizens of this community. This is the same way that i approach moving forward towards a dynamic future. It can only be done if we have people who are willing to work together to find reasonable compromises in our differences for the good of the community as a whole.

It is often the case that the easiest and most gratifying solution to an affront to your person, is to lash out with aggression and counterattack on someone else’s position. However i will always hold the stance that this approach is rarely the most effective, and rather cooler heads prevail in the pursuit of progress.

Please help support me in this stance: Disagree Respectfully!