With just over twelve weeks left to until the municipal election, it’s seems appropriate to take stock of where we stand and share some of the highlights from the campaign over the past month. Since speaking to so many friends and neighbours from the steps of our historic City Hall, I’ve expanded my efforts to meet individuals in their neighbourhoods and invited them into mine. The campaign office on Mill Street has provided a wonderful opportunity to listen to voters, hearing their concerns and their hopes for our community. All three Party in the Park events have provided wonderful engagement opportunities and have informed my efforts to continue to draw people to the discussion of how to build the Chilliwack we want.

Canvassing our neighbourhoods has been a privilege and I’m proud to say we’ll be doubling our efforts starting next week. My thanks to everyone who has hosted me as a guest at their doorstep and in their home. The concerns are vast and varied, such is the challenge that we face in Chilliwack, but unifying them is a demand that City Hall be more present in the lives of its citizens.

There will be plenty more to share in the weeks and months ahead, I invite you to join the campaign at www.samwaddington.com to keep up to date on our events, but for now I’ll simply say I’m looking forward to our next steps.  #StandTallChilliwack